Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Great White North

So Carrie and I are eating dinner the other night and Mr. Jay Steller (Cyanocitta stelleri) lands on the finely hand-crafted railing I just installed and runs back in forth across it. What a cool bird I thought to myself, You could see his intelligence just by how he was moving around. He looked like the Glen Plake of the bird world. I almost forgot that I highly disliked the guy.

Almost until he unleashed a barrage of the most unholy demon spawn of a bird call that I have ever witnessed. Aaaack! ack! aaaaaaack! aack, aaaaaack! AAAAAAAAck! AAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! After about 30 minutes of this he finally gave it a rest. Peace had returned to our backyard. Not for long, once C and my nerves finally settled down, Jay came back with three of his buddies and they each went to a different corner of the yard. They then proceeded to have a 'yell fight' for an hour and a half.

What the hell did I do to deserve this?!? So I happen to have the one backyard with a lot of trees. I was considering taking them down.

I actually missed the times in apartment B107 when I would light the BBQ and the heavyset 6'4 bald guy with goatee, wearing a tank top, cut off sweats, (occasionally a bath towel and no shirt, no joke) and flip flops would say to to me, "Hey partner, what time do you want me to come up?" It got to the point to where I would watch him through the curtain, and when he turn his back, I would run out to flip or bring in the burgers. My meat was inconsistent those summers.

But I digress...

I hate Jay Stellar.

BTW, I looked up Steller's Jay on Wikipedia to find the scientific name (not memorized, sorry) and about fell over backwards when I read this...

You also won't want to feed them around your home for the reason stated above, but also because they are the loudest, most obnoxious creatures in the forest.
They shriek and caw ceaselessly.


Here is a reason to dislike Canucks.... (like we need more!)
The Steller's Jay is the provincial bird of British Columbia

Just kidding we love you, Eh? You gave us Rick Moranis!


Anonymous,  8/30/2006 10:19 PM  

Mike, I disagree regarding Canada, two reasons...the overuse of the letter u (its cool when then English do it,but not acceptable for those in North America) and ...Celine Dion - I'm sure she's a very nice person, but I will stop there.
Did you by chance catch Colbert's apology to Oregon - He couldn't remember if he had called it 'California's Canada' or 'Washington's Mexico', so he decided to call it 'Idaho's Portugal'! I thought that was funny (and hope that Mexico and Portugal were not offended.)

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