Thursday, August 17, 2006

Found: Mexican Fisherman

Wow, This story makes Gilligans Island sound like a sitcom...

I cannot imagine what it would be like on a small 30 foot boat with nothing to look at but the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean. How did they not go stir crazy? I start ripping out sheetrock by March with our wonderful winters that give Seattle a reputation of rain. (the NFL season gets me to January, sometimes later)

They were found approximately twice as far from Mexico as they were from Australia. They ate raw fish they caught and gulls that they trapped. I'm guessing a middle of the Pacific gull tastes much better than an Elliott Bay flying trash can, which I imagine tastes like chicken with a nice motor oil and old fish reduction.

Imagine their feeling when they were rescued. When they were given their first plate of food.

How about family and friends? A good deal of them had probably come to peace with never seeing them again and BAM!, they are back. What a shock. A good one though...

At least these fellas had each other and a Bible to read so they didn't have to make friends with a volleyball.


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