Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Football is Boring.

Thanks to Jeff for finding this article....

As the Mariners' two-week plunge into mediocrity continues, as some of baseball's best teams arrive in town to pad their stats on a team in full wilt, and as football season promises to steal away attention like a soap opera siren, that anger is getting replaced with another "A" word.

Boy, this is music to my ears! If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not much of a baseball guy. Yes, I got excited for the '95 "Refuse to Lose" Mariners as that was a very new experience, but I quickly got tired of it... By the time 2001 and the 116 wins I was bored with it all. BTW, the "A" word is apathy...

LOL, I love this next bit...

"Fans feel like the guys that have been making decisions are not making good ones. This is bordering on the verge of no interest. When the NFL season starts, (the Mariners) will be all-but-forgotten."

Not to Eric Draluck. At least not entirely. Football is boring, said the devoted, despondent Mariners fan. "I'm always going to watch baseball," he said. "I'm a baseball guy. But I'm disappointed as everyone must be."

Did he get his sports mixed up? I can understand him disliking football (well not really) but calling it boring? That is like a glacier saying an avalanche doesn't have enough action...

Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated said it best here. Some highlights -

Time the baseball was actually in play, including pitches, batted balls, foul balls, pickoff attempts, relays, throws to bases and anything else even Bob Costas might consider actual sporting activity (and I was being generous with the stopwatch): 12 minutes, 22 seconds.

Percentage of time that the ball wasn't in play: 94.

Percentage of time my cerebrum wasn't in play: 94.

Football is boring? REALLY. I doubt you will ever see THIS as a promotion at a football game.

C'mon! Knitting at a game, and he calls football boring?

Can you imagine the ribbing this guy got when he went to work Monday morning? Hopefully he got hit in the head by the foul ball his wife and kid are watching as he blissfully works on his Mariner turquoise rally sweater for September evening games and snaps back to manhood...

Beano Cook said it best when the then commissioner of baseball, Bowie Kuhn gave the returning Iran hostages lifetime passes to major league parks, "Haven't they suffered enough?"


Anonymous,  8/28/2006 10:16 PM  

Classic Quote. Although I have to say, I like this quote from Beano a little better:

Interviewer: 'So Beano, who's your MVP in baseball this year?

Beano: 'Whoever gets the last out of the season. Get this silly game over with'

LOL!!! Tonight on ESPN Classic they had 'Who's #1' with the topic being 'top 20 biggest upsets in College Football history' Lots of Beano Cook in there. 'In 1950, Navy was just....not that good' LOL!

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