Saturday, August 19, 2006

Deck Update

After contemplating over a couple of pitchers of Industrial IPA (my favorite at the moment) at the Diamond Knot Brewery in Mulkiteo with some good buddies, I decided to advance the deck BBQ/load test to September 9th.... The only thing that could spoil this is the arrival of the black anodized aluminum balusters that I need to order. If they haven't arrived, the deck would be cool for adults but I would be worried about children.

For you Husky fans I'll have the OU game on the big screen. For my mom and dad who will be celebrating their millionth, plus or minus a few years, anniversary, we will sing a song for you... most likely to the tune of 'Happy Birthday' as it is simple to change the words. If you decide to have a nice dinner elsewhere I will understand. :)

Please save this date! I am 97.432% sure that it will happen. I shall send out invitations the second that I have my precious balusters in hand!


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